WASTED von Kate Tempest © Julian Behrenbeck
© Julian Behrenbeck

Oliver Viol has trained in sound design during his academic years studying Computermusic and Media Composition and refrains from using pre-made loops, crafting his own samples and making use of field recordings to create unique sounds that match his musical language and suit every track he works on.

His style is heavily influenced by artists such as Kangding Ray, Arvo Pärt, music of late baroque as well as polystylistic soviet composers of the early 20th century, such as Igor Stravinsky and György S. Ligeti. His interest in postmodern music and art initially brought him to investigate the broad possibilities of electronic instruments and digital sound design with his two main solo projects YOUCANCALLMEOLIVER and Akali Akali.

Oliver has recorded and toured with artists such as the minimal music composer Arvo Pärt or the Morphing Chamber Orchestra and written music for numerous theatre productions and dance performances in Europe as well as for a few awarded short films. His international activity as a touring session musician has taken him around Europe as well as the Americas and to remote destinations in Asia frequently. He lives and works in Berlin and Vienna.


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