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Oswaldgasse 35A
1120 Wien

WERK X von außen © Minzla Feline
WERK X von außen © Minzla Feline

About the theatre

WERK X is a modern Viennese theatre with international connections. It has two venues, each with two auditoriums: WERK X in Meidling, which has seats for up to 600 people in two auditoriums, and WERK X-Petersplatz in the inner city, which has seats for around 250 people in two auditoriums.

Where the machines of „Kabel- und Drahtwerke AG“ ran 100 years ago, around 3,500 people live now- and theatre is being made. Since 2008, a wide variety of cultural projects have been successfully realized in the new space. With the merger of the old Palais Kabelwerk with the former Garage X on Petersplatz to form WERK X, the potential of the spaces can now be fully exploited: Since mid-October 2014, a sophisticated program of large-scale theatre productions has been taking place here.

At the Meidling venue, the program primarily features in-house productions and collaborations with the most exciting municipal and state theatres in the German-speaking world, while the Petersplatz venue presents productions from the independent scene. In 2018, Cornelia Anhaus took over the curatorial direction and management of WERK X-Petersplatz.

WERK X-Saal 1 © Minzla Feline
WERK X-Saal 1 © Minzla Feline

In order to implement the plans for the Meidling venue, it was necessary to add a side stage, improve the stage machinery and make further structural adjustments, for example in the offices. After the renovations, the venue has been able to stage large-scale productions and to offer workplaces for up to 12 employees.

Both auditoriums are accessible with wheelchairs.

The foyer at WERK X

Two stage designers, Thea Hoffmann-Axthelm and Johannes Weckl, redesigned the foyer at WERK X starting in fall 2014.

Foyer des WERK X vor dem Saal 1 © WERK X
Foyer des WERK X vor dem Saal 1 © WERK X

The foyer in Meidling presents itself as a walk-in art installation and invites the audience to play with it: On one hand, the space is divided, and on the other hand, its height is also used. The foyer offers many seats and quotes the agora – an ancient spectator situation. It is built of wood and in its simplicity it forms a contrast to the walls made of glass and concrete.

WERK X’s bar is also located in the foyer.

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Spielplan und Karten:
Premieren der Spielzeit 2019/20

Weitere Spielstätten:
WERK X-Petersplatz in 1010 Wien
Häuserl am Spitz in 1120 Wien

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